Jonathan Power

Jonathan Power has been an international foreign affairs columnist for over 35 years and has interviewed over 60 of of the world's most famous political icons including Ignacio Lula Da Silva, Indira Gandhi, Willy Brandt, Julius Nyerere, Jimmy Carter, Olusegan Obasanjo, Dilma Rousseff, Olof Palme, Manmohan Singh ,and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

For 17 years Mr. Power wrote a weekly column on foreign affairs for the International Herald Tribune. He has also been a frequent guest columnist for the New York Times and the Washington Post.

He has written eight books on foreign affairs and, in his early days as a journalist, made films for the BBC, one of which won a Silver Medal at the Venice Film Festival. He is an associate of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research which keeps a library of his columns. Mr. Power is also listed in Who's Who.

Book Reviews by Jonathan Power

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We are soon going to have a clash between President Donald Trump and international law.

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Looking for a good cause for 2018? Something you can do while sitting in your armchair? Something that needs to be done if we are to live in a “clean” planet?

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The nuclear weapon missile business is contradictory, full of missteps, highly dangerous and prepared in its madness (Mutually Assured Destruction, aka MAD, they used to call it in Cold War days) t