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To request a review of an upcoming book, please email: [email protected]Self-published books, vanity and hybrid press titles and e-book only books are not considered. Not ever. Nor do we consider requests for reviews of books already published. Please include descriptive information about the book or books for which reviews are requested (title, author, genre(s), ISBNs, publisher, expected release date—if available) and information on availability of manuscripts, galleys, or finished books. Due to the volume of requests we only respond when a book is assigned for review. Please include contact information, including an email address and phone number. If you are an author please provide contact info for publicist/publisher as we only accept review copies and directly communicate with publishers and independent publicists. We will not consider book if this information is not included. Authors should also avoid getting directly in touch with any of our reviewers. Please indicate whether review copies are shipped to reviewers located outside U.S. or North America. Finally, please only submit after a book appears on Amazon. We appreciate and read all submissions. Please do not resubmit or follow up as we do not reconsider and this impedes our ability to fully consider all books for which reviews are requested. Thank you for your interest in an NYJB review.