World War II

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“. . . this book will grab them by the scruff of the neck and hold them spellbound from beginning to end.”

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“. . . does an excellent job of telling the story of one of America’s finest and darkest episodes in World War II . . .”

Stephen Harding is senior editor of Military History and a prolific researcher and military historian whose works include seven other nonfiction books as well as hundreds of magazine artic

“Is it necessary to state positively that there is no logical connection between an author’s patriotism, or alleged lack of it, and his or her treatment of historical fact?

“The thesis set forth by Stephen Fritz in Ostkrieg is so simple and compelling that it merits consideration even by those who have studied the topic for years.”

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“A Convenient Hatred is a profoundly authoritative resource for educators.

“Mr. Clark has a reputation for both his deep knowledge of military history and his ability to make it accessible to a substantial reading audience.

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“Beyond classrooms, general readers will likely find a few of the selections compelling and the rest boorish and preachy.

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“[Gretel Wachtel’s] defiance of the Gestapo and her willingness to serve time in a concentration camp gives Ms.