David Walton

David Walton is an award-winning science fiction author, a space industry engineer, and the father of seven children. He loves science fiction novels that ask big questions about life and the future of the human race, enabling us to see through new eyes and consider new perspectives. Many of his books deal with questions of identity, exploring the reality of free will, the continuity of the self, and the nature of human consciousness.

Mr. Walton's latest book, The Genius Plague (Pyr, 2017), considers how our choices are influenced by our biology when a fungal pandemic infects humans, raising their intelligence but also affecting their desires and goals. The Genius Plague won the 2018 John W. Campbell Award for best science fiction novel. 

His next book, Three Laws Lethal (Pyr, February 2019), takes on the future of the self-driving car industry, with its legal and social ramifications, while exploring the nature of consciousness and sapience through the evolution of artificial intelligence.

Book Reviews by David Walton

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Sancia Grado starts this book facedown in the mud, and things don’t get much better for her from there.

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“The Moons of Barsk accomplishes what science fiction does at its best.