Frances E. Abrams

Frances E. Abrams is an accomplished vegan chef. She received a Certificate in Plant-Based Cooking offered by Rouxbe, the world’s leading online culinary school. She studied macrobiotic cooking at Kushi Institute in Western Massachusetts and with Christina Pirello in Philadelphia and in Italy.

Ms. Abrams has always been an avid cookbook reader. She began taking classes in cooking in the 1980s in Cleveland, Ohio. Her studies in macrobiotic cooking led to more general classes in vegan cooking. She taught vegan cooking privately to individual clients and at the Brookline Center in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her website about healthy eating offers ideas to the public on vegan cooking.

Ms. Abrams holds a bachelor's degree in Education from Boston University and a master’s degree from Nova University in Counseling Psychology.

Book Reviews by Frances E. Abrams

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