Susan Petrone

Susan Petrone is the author of The Heebie-Jeebie Girl (2020,) The Super Ladies (2018), Throw Like a Woman (2015), and A Body at Rest (2009). Her work has appeared in such diverse venues as Glimmer Train, Belt,, and CoolCleveland. She is also one of the co-founders and former president of Literary Cleveland ( and was a recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award for FY 2020.

Book Reviews by Susan Petrone

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What would happen if the first manned (and womanned) mission to Mars was chosen through a Survivor-style competition and the mission itself was a reality show?

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“an incredibly strong debut that hits a number of sweet spots—feminist literature, dystopian/speculative fiction, and young adult literature. It’s well worth your time.”

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“Grushin’s facility with language . . . is a marvel. It’s the kind of prose that demands you submerge yourself.”

What comes after “Happily ever after?”