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Book Reviews by Jennifer Christopher Randle


“. . . a shining example of the possibilities of the comic medium . . .”

“. . . captivating tales of obsessive love."

“. . . an interesting and accessible take on comics’ place in literature, popular culture, and women’s history.”

Boxers and Saints is Gene Luen Yang’s newest two-volume graphic novel showing two opposing perspectives from the Boxer Rebellion.

Artists and authors always walk a fine line when the subject of religion enters the room. There are many that truly wish to have a dialogue about faith, but how to begin the conversation?

“. . . the kind of book that teachers, librarians, and booksellers will be talking about all summer.”

“. . . a wonderful volume at a very attractive price point . . .”

In February 1986, gaming took a new turn with the release of The Legend of Zelda.

“Every page is another revelation . . . a fantastically enjoyable ride . . .”

Horror comic fans rejoice!

“. . . a most delectable appetizer.”

“Did you know . . . Archie and his friends recently attended their friend Kevin Keller’s wedding . . . to another man?”