K. P. Kyle

K. P. Kyle was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, where her mother was the founder and owner of the much-beloved independent bookstore Narnia Children's Books. She received her BA from the University of Chicago and her DVM from Cornell University. She has lived in South Boston, Massachusetts, for the past 16 years, with the exception of two years spent in Senegal. She works as a veterinarian and shares her home with a bush dog and a black dog. 

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“Stine’s writing is clear, unadorned, and honest yet electrifying, much like her characters, and the story is a pleasure to read.”

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“Turnbull’s prose is captivating, poetic without being pretentious, a pleasure to read. . . . A stunning, enthralling novel.”

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“fun, entertaining, and hard to put down, a twisty whodunit with a satisfying conclusion.”

Chloe Sevre is a psychopath.

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Against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century France, a merry band of master crafters are swept into an adventure involving rival secret societies, rumors of the occult, and a complex network of hidd

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“Elly Bangs has created a vivid, fascinating, and utterly believable future world, and she immerses the reader into it skillfully and seamlessly.”