Meg Wolitzer

Meg Wolitzer says: “I am a fiction writer who, like most writers, is happiest when I’m working. I have somewhat erratic work habits, and can go for weeks without producing much, then suddenly find myself in a whirlwind of productivity that lasts a long time and occupies most of my waking hours. Between those productive bouts I tend to read a lot, mostly contemporary novels, an activity that serves as a kind of refueling that I seem to need. I love being excited and keyed up by other people’s novels; the best of them remind me of how powerful fiction can be.”

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Greer Kadetsky, the brilliant, introverted child of two totally apathetic parents has never quite been able to find her voice—or, if she has found it, hasn’t been able to use it.

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“A tour de force . . . expertly chronicles the experiences of the youngest of the baby boomer generation.”

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Meg Wolitzer is known for writing about women’s issues, though primarily she writes about sex. Possibly that explains her reputation and popularity.