Carol Edgarian

Carol Edgarian is author of the novels Three Stages of Amazement and the best-selling Rise the Euphrates, winner of the ANC Freedom Award. Her articles and essays have appeared in many national magazines, and she co-edited the popular collection drawn from great writers’ diaries, The Writer’s Life: Intimate Thoughts on Work, Love, Inspiration, and Fame.
She is co-founder, editor, and publisher of the nonprofit magazine Narrative and Narrative in the Schools, a program to encourage reading and writing in schools across America.
She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Tom Jenks, and their three daughters.

Books Authored

As the world faces down a crisis of epic proportions—a pandemic not a mere epidemic—it is refreshing to lose oneself in the story of a 15-year-old girl, left largely to her own resources by her

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Alas, the promise of award-winning novelist, editor and publisher Carol Edgarian’s new novel, Three Stage of Amazement, is not realized, despite the success of her first fiction book,