Erica Jong

Erica Jong is the author of eight novels including Fear of Flying; Fanny, Being the True History of the Adventures of Fanny Hackabout-Jones; Shylock's Daughter; Inventing Memory, a Novel of Mothers and Daughters; and Sappho's Leap. Several of her novels have been worldwide bestsellers. Her other books include the nonfiction works Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir; The Devil at Large: A Study of Henry Miller; Witches; and What Do Women Want; and six volumes of poetry.

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When Erica Jong’s groundbreaking novel, Fear of Flying, was published in 1973, it rocked the world.

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Author and editor, Erica Jong, presents us with 29 essays, poems, short stories, and cartoons exploring a wide range of sexuality and sex issues in Sugar in My Bowl: Real Women Write about Real