Steven Earle

Steven Earle Ph.D. has been involved in research and teaching Earth Science—including climate change—for four decades. He is the author of the textbook, Physical Geology, which is widely used at colleges and universities across North America.

He has also written A Brief History of the Earth's Climate, a guide to the Earth's climate that counters skeptics and deniers. In A Brief History, Earle describes the many different ways that our climate evolved naturally over 4.6 billion years and explains how human-caused global warming is quite different, and much more dangerous. He also provides advice on action to take to mitigate the climate emergency.

He is currently writing a new book about the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, a significant climate warming event that took place 56 million years ago and is a useful analog for what we might expect in the coming decades if we don’t get really serious, really soon about reducing our climate impacts.

Mr. Earle lives with his family on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.

Book Reviews by Steven Earle

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Predicting Our Climate Future is an ambitious exploration of a critical topic.”

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Everything That Rises is two powerful stories in one.

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No World Too Big is a colorful compendium of compelling stories about 24 brave young people who have each done something extraordinary to raise awareness of climate change