Margaret Truman

Margaret Truman has won faithful readers with her works of biography and fiction, particularly her Capital Crimes mysteries. Her novels let readers into the corridors of power and privilege, and poverty and pageantry in the nation's capital. She was the author of many nonfiction books, including The President's House, in which she shared some of the secrets and history of the White House, where she once resided. She lived in Manhattan.

Books Authored

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“As all good mysteries, and especially thrillers, move toward the end, there is an exciting scene that concludes in a race between good and evil, and although we all know who wins in the en

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Donald Bain has picked up the mantle of Margaret Truman’s Washington, DC, based mysteries and does her proud.

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Understanding the power of Washington, DC, the city where her father was president, and her husband was chief of the New York Times Washington bureau, Margaret Truman used the setting for