Jane Mendelsohn

Jane Mendelsohn (born 1965) is an American author. She was graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Yale University in 1987, and attended Yale Law School for one year before beginning a career as a writer/journalist. She has worked as an assistant to the literary editor at The Village Voice and as a tutor at Yale University. Mendelsohn is married and lives in New York with her husband, filmmaker Nick Davis.

Books Authored

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Jane Mendelsohn’s Burning Down the House is a soap opera of a novel that aspires to be a Greek tragedy, an epic, or a saga of the fall of a family empire . . .

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“The memory was like an explosion and he was inside it, living through it and it surrounded him and slowly he breathed life into it. . . . This was where he was headed. He was entering someplace.