Randall Amster

Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D., is Director and Teaching Professor in the Program on Justice and Peace at Georgetown University. He serves as Editor in Chief of the Contemporary Justice Review, and was formerly the Executive Director of the Peace and Justice Studies Association.

He teaches and publishes widely on subjects including peace and nonviolence, social and environmental justice, political theory and movements, and the impacts of emerging technologies.

His recent books include Peace Ecology (Routledge, 2015), Anarchism Today (Praeger, 2012), Lost in Space: The Criminalization, Globalization, and Urban Ecology of Homelessness (LFB, 2008); and the co-edited volume Exploring the Power of Nonviolence: Peace, Politics, and Practice (Syracuse University Press, 2013).

Current research interests include environmental peacebuilding, climate justice, intersectionality and ecology, community and sustainability, and the justice implications of contemporary technology.

Book Reviews by Randall Amster

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The urgent task is to rapidly reclaim and amplify the best of ourselves, and this book is a step on that journey.”

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“No one seems to have an answer for the hyper-technological web that infuses every aspect of modern life, and indeed it often appears as if many people don’t want one as long as the program

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“In flowing prose and pointed language, Thus Spoke the Plant makes the case that we’re not alone in our thoughts or even in the capacity to think and communicate; in a time of esca

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“As the old power model works to insinuate itself like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the ‘new power’ in the equation may be the discovery that we already have it.”