Neil J. Gunther, Ph.D.

Neil J. Gunther, M.Sc., Ph.D., SMACM, SMIEEE, is both a computer scientist and a theoretical physicist at Performance Dynamics—the nexus being information. He received the A. A. Michelson Award in 2008. Dr. Gunther has authored several books for Springer-Verlag.

Book Reviews by Neil J. Gunther, Ph.D.

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Stefan Klein has written such a beautiful book that the reader can easily remain unaware that the original language was German.

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Unlike the author of the latest biography about the physicist, Paul Dirac, I actually had dinner with Professor Dirac, and his wife, in 1975.

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An old adage warns against judging a book by its cover, but a title should avoid being a miscue to the prospective reader. In this case, unfortunately, the title could do just that.