Frank Mundo

Frank Mundo is a full-time writer in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife, Nancy, and their dog, Jax. He has a BA in English from UCLA, where he also completed the Creative Writing Program.
For over a decade, Mr. Mundo has been reviewing books for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Westside Today, The Swamp, UCLA’s Karisma Magazine for Women, The Journal of Cultural Conversation, and L.A. Books Examiner, where he has interviewed more than 100 authors. In addition, Mr. Mundo’s stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in dozens of journals and anthologies in print and online.
He is also the author of the award-winning novel in verse, The Brubury Tales (foreword by bestselling author and critic Carolyn See), a modern version of The Canterbury Tales, set in Los Angeles.
As a reviewer, Mr. Mundo prefers to cover books by the small presses and independent authors often overlooked by mainstream media.  

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“Engaging and inventive, Ebba and the Green Dresses of Olivia Gomez in a Time of Conflict and War is an ambitious and confident novel by Joan Tewkesbury, a veteran writer for stage

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“Bottom line: A skillfully paced and plotted adult thriller (for readers who aren’t afraid of open discussions of sex, religion, and politics) written by an up-and-coming author whose caree

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For a lot of readers today, the word “memoir” has become a kind of code word for dysfunctional family history: a portrait of a victim-turned-artist who overcomes tragedy and abuse to become the sup