Declan O'Neill

Declan O’Neill was born in Ireland and studied at the Université de Lyon, France, and Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated with a Master's degree in Modern Languages and Literature. He worked in education and management training before starting a photographic and video production company in New Zealand.

He specializes in landscape photography and has published three books on the New Zealand landscape as well as writing about the practice and craft of photography. In addition, he runs workshops for photographers wishing to develop their skills in landscape photography.

Book Reviews by Declan O'Neill

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In this comprehensive book, Fred Ritchin attempts to disentangle the various threads in the debate around how photojournalism can deal with the challenges of new digital media.

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To cover 100 years of Irish history in one volume of photographs is a daunting undertaking.

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“If the civil war crippled the South then air conditioning finished it off.”