Misha Glenny

Misha Glenny is a distinguished journalist and historian. As the Central Europe Correspondent first for the Guardian and then for the BBC, he chronicled the collapse of communism and the wars in the former Yugoslavia. He has won several major awards for his work, including the Sony Gold Award for outstanding contribution to broadcasting.

Mr. Glenny is the author of three books on Eastern Europe and the Balkans: The Rebirth of History, The Fall of Yugoslavia, and The Balkans; his recent book, McMafia, is about international organized crime. He has been regularly consulted by the U.S. and European governments on major policy issues and ran an NGO for three years, assisting with the reconstruction of Serbia, Macedonia, and Kosovo. He now lives in London.

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Darkmarket is a lively account of how credit card crime is organized on the Internet and an engaging portrayal of some of the characters who are involved.