D. R. Haney

D. R. Haney was born and raised in Virginia, the son of an Angus beef farmer. In his teens, he moved to New York City, where he studied acting and supported himself through the usual odd jobs, from Wall Street waiter to parcel-wrapper to telephone pitchman.
Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles to star in a film for legendary producer Roger Corman, Haney found himself with an unsought career as a screenwriter. He also began to contribute to zines and alt-weeklies, reflecting his growing participation in the underground music scene. His interest in music, coupled with the consequences of a life-altering car accident, resulted in the novel Banned for Life, which he moved to Belgrade, Serbia, to write. Banned was published in May 2009 by And/Or Press, and Subversia, a collection of essays, was published by TNB Books in September 2010.
Haney is presently at work on another novel.

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From random dark thoughts and angst-ridden apologies, to personal successes and once-in-a-lifetime moments, D. R.