Mike Gunter Jr.

Dr. Mike Gunter is an author and speaker on global environmental affairs as well as an award-winning professor and director of international relations at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Named a Cornell Distinguished Faculty (2007–2010) and Arthur Vining Davis Fellow (2013–2014) at Rollins, Gunter served in 2007 as a U.S. State Department distinguished Fulbright Scholar in the Slovak Republic.

A veteran traveler with a decade of experience working for scientists and interviewing ecotourism operators on all seven continents, Gunter has over 40 popular and academic publications to his credit, including his first book, Building the Next Ark: How NGOs Work to Protect Biodiversity (2004/2006). That work, published with Dartmouth College and University Press of New England, examines environmental interest groups and their efforts toward species protection.

His current projects include the book Tales of an Ecotourist: What Wild Places Teach Us About Climate Change. Crossing the far corners of the globe, this work showcases travel to wild places, from the hot and humid Amazon jungle to the frozen but dry Antarctic, as a simple yet spellbinding lens to better understand the complex issue of climate change, fleshing out a much-needed personal context to perhaps society’s greatest threat of all.

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Yes, we are in the midst of an American oil boom, one that helps explain the precipitous decline in gasoline prices over the second half of 2014, as well as an only modest rebound so far in 2015.