Rosemary Gibson

Rosemary Gibson is a distinguished leader in U.S. health care. At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, she designed and led national initiatives to improve health care. She was vice president of the Economic and Social Research Institute and served as senior associate at the American Enterprise Institute. She is principal author of Wall of Silence and The Treatment Trap. She serves as an editor for the Archives of Internal Medicine series, Less is More.

Janardan Prasad Singh is an economist at the World Bank. He has been a member of the International Advisory Council for several prime ministers of India. He worked on economic policy at the American Enterprise Institute and on foreign policy at the United Nations. He has written extensively on health care, social policy, and economic development. He was a member of the Board of Contributors of the Wall Street Journal. He is coauthor of Wall of Silence and The Treatment Trap.

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“gripping . . . find out how American taxpayers, insurance premium payers, and patients are literally getting mistreated. . . . No one is spared.