Michael Rubino

Michael Rubino was born and raised in San Francisco. He knew early in life that he wanted to be an artist, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from UC Berkeley in 1981. He then migrated south, to sunnier Los Angeles, where the light and the warmth is, for him, more conducive to painting. His original works, done in oil, on canvas or wood, tend toward the allegorical. They are drawn from his views on religion, overpopulation, and the environment—a tongue-in-cheek nod to issues that concern everyone. Mr. Rubino’s hobbies include tending to his lively koi pond and collecting fossils of prehistoric animals. His recent project, Real Life, is an illustrated book about evolution.

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Bang! How We Came to Be is an artistically colorful, interesting and powerful, scientific version of evolution broken down into digestible parts just for children.