Lynn Beighley

Lynn Beighley is a fiction writer stuck in a technical book writer's body. Upon discovering that technical book writing actually paid real money, she learned to accept and enjoy it. After going back to school to get a Masters in Computer Science, she worked for the acronyms NRL and LANL. Then she discovered Flash and wrote her first bestseller. A victim of bad timing, she moved to Silicon Valley just before the great crash. She spent several years working for Yahoo! and writing other books and training courses. Finally giving in to her creative writing bent, she moved to the New York area to get an MFA in Creative Writing.

Her Head First-style thesis was delivered to a packed room of professors and fellow students. It was extremely well received, and she finished her degree, finished Head First SQL, and can't wait to begin her next book. Ms. Beighley loves traveling, cooking, and making up elaborate background stories about complete strangers. She’s a little scared of clowns.

Seamus Bellamy is an author, web designer, and scofflaw based in British Columbia, Canada. His first book, Joomla! for Dummies is now available from Wiley Publications. His work can also be frequently seen in Mac|Life, Maximum PC, and Irish Music magazines. When not writing or building yet another website, Mr. Bellamy pretends to be a respectable world citizen with a diverse resume that includes time spent working in the intelligence community, private sector security, and generally trying not to be too much of a nuisance.

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“For that tiny percentage of readers who build their own computers, shamelessly reduce tech support drones to puddles, and know just enough to be, well, dangerous, this may just be the book