Lisa Rogak

Lisa Rogak is an independent journalist celebrating her 30th year of life as a full-time writer in 2011. In that time, she has written about everything from high-tech and cats to food and travel. When it comes to books, in the last few years she has focused on writing biographies.

Writing has provided her with a fascinating, adventurous life. She wakes up each morning looking forward to discovering what new things she’ll learn that day, which is something she thinks everyone should strive for. After all this time, it never ceases to amaze her that she has been able to make her living by indulging her curiosity and asking total strangers really nosy questions. . . .

Ms. Rogak gave up her home base in the fall of 2010, and now wanders the world full-time with a laptop, passport, and a chicken purse named Peckerhead.

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“This biography could have easily been titled The Tale of Two Colberts; however, Colbert’s signature ‘truthiness’ seems to befit the style and enjoyment Ms.