Leigh Fortson

Leigh Fortson was born in Denver and received her B.A. in writing from the Evergreen State College. She has worked as: a news director for a community radio station; a marketing maven for a ski resort; a publicist for a bestselling author; a freelance writer; a ghost writer; a marketing specialist and renewable energy educator for Colorado State University; and as a devoted mother, wife, and spiritual student. She is also a playwright and has enjoyed productions in small theaters throughout the country. Her latest book, Embrace, Release, Heal chronicles her journey through three cancer diagnoses and recites the stories of others who were failed by conventional treatments but who are now thriving. The book delves into the relevance of both diet and the true relationship between the mind and body, and how our thoughts and emotions can impact our cells.

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This is a story of healing—of body, mind and spirit. Leigh Fortson’s informational book is a must read for any patient with a cancer diagnosis.