André Dominé

André Dominé, born in Hamburg, moved to a wine-growing village in southern France in 1981. He learned there to prune and look after vines, working in a winery before publishing his first book on wine in 1986. He was one of the first journalists to write regularly about the wines of southern France, and since then he has sniffed and tasted his way through the vineyards and cellars of France, Spain, the United States, South Africa, and other interesting wine countries. In his articles in the well-known wine and food periodicals as well as in his books, André Dominé is an enthusiastic advocate of wine. In the Culinaria series European Specialties, Organic & Wholefoods, and Culinaria France, he encourages his readers to seek out high-quality culinary experiences.

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What is the difference between an Amancenista and a Manzanilla sherry? How large was the 1859 grands crus classification in Bordeaux?