Barbara Hall

Born in Argentina, Barbara (DuVal) Hall is a writer and illustrator based in Prairie Country in Huron, South Dakota. She writes on education, nature, the arts, and history and has been published in The New York Times. Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post.

For several years, she has reviewed books for the Providence (Rhode Island) Journal. She has also reviewed for the Washington Post's Book World and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ms. Hall also writes for children. Her story on Mount Rushmore, for example, runs this summer in the venerable Jack and Jill magazine.

The writing impulse may be a matter of genetics. Ms. Hall's late mother was an editor for publishing houses such as Random House and McGraw-Hill. Alexandra Hall, her daughter, is a prolific contributor to The Boston Globe and Boston magazine.

And her young grandchildren, Zachary and Cleo, virtually devour books.

Book Reviews by Barbara Hall

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Walter S. Judd, professor emeritus from the University of Florida's Biology Department, would rescue us from being "plant blind." Dr.

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"Readers, be warned—you are entering enchanted territory."