Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker is an experimental psychologist and one of the world’s foremost writers on language, mind, and human nature. Currently Harvard College Professor and Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, Pinker has also taught at Stanford and MIT. His research on visual cognition and the psychology of language has won prizes from the national Academy of Sciences, the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and the American Psychological Association.

He has also received six honorary doctorates, several teaching awards at MIT and Harvard, and numerous prizes for his books The Language Instinct, How the Mind Works, and The Blank Slate. He is Chair of the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary, and often writes for the New York Times, TIME, and the New Republic. He has been named Humanist of the Year, Prospect magazine’s “The World’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals,” Foreign Policy’s “100 Global Thinkers,” and TIME magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World Today.”

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“In every generation there are those who look back somewhat romantically ‘to the good old days; to simpler times.’ Were those times any better (less violent) than today?

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“Take our inner demons and our gooeyness for loss-aversion, add to it an ideology like nationalism (which manifest like an epidemic), and give it military high-tech and you have a dangerous