Randall Robinson

Randall Robinson is an intellectual, activist, and the author of an Unbroken Agony. He has also written the bestsellers The Debt, The Reckoning, Quitting America, and Defending the Spirit.

Mr. Robinson is founder and past president of TransAfrica, an African-American organization established to promote constructive U.S. policies toward Africa and the Caribbean. He established the Free South Africa Movement in 1984 as well, which pushed successfully for the imposition of sanctions against apartheid South Africa. In 1994, his public advocacy, including a 27-day hunger strike, led to the U.N. multinational operation that restored Haiti's first democratically elected government to power.

He lives with his wife and daughter in St. Kitts.

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“Makeda is beyond ambitious and imaginative and, at times challenging, but it is also well written and powerful, with an ending that is equal parts tragic and romantic in nature.