Nadja Baer

Nadja Bear has been a words nerd all her life. She speaks English, German, Italian, and Spanish (with varying degrees of fluency), can teach Taekwondo classes in Korean, and is currently working on expanding her French vocabulary. Since receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in U.S. History at the University of Minnesota, she has served as the office thesaurus, dictionary, translator, and spell-checker in every one of her day jobs.

Ms. Bear wrote her first terrible novella at the age of eight, and is now focused on writing comics and novels for young adults. Her work can be seen for free in the online graphic novel, Impure Blood, which is drawn by her soon-to-be husband, Nathan Lueth. Other illustrated projects she has scripted for Round Table include Everything’s Okay, Altucher Confidential, Delivering Happiness, and Influence: Science & Practice.

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“Raising as many questions as it answers, The United States Constitution is not truly ‘educational,‘ but for those seeking a straightforward (for the most part) depiction of the st