Meir Shalev

Meir Shalev was born in 1948 on Nahalal, Israel’s first moshav, and is one of Israel’s most celebrated novelists. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have been bestsellers in Israel, Holland, and Germany. In 1999 the author was awarded the Juliet Club Prize (Italy). Mr. Shalev is also the recipient of the Prime Minitster’s Prize (Israel); the Chiavari (Italy); the Entomological Prize (Israel); the WIZO Prize in France, Israel, and Italy: the Brenner Prize of 2006, the highest Israeli recognition awarded, for A Pigeon and a Boy; and a Pratt Foundation Prize for promoting awareness of environmental issues.

Mr. Shalev, a columnist for the Israeli Daily Yedioth Ahronoth, lives in Jerusalem and in the north of Israel.

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