Brian Sack

Brian Sack has written humor for Radar, The Independent, Cracked, Glamour, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. His work appears in the Best of McSweeney’s compilation, Created In Darkness by Troubled Americans.

From 2006–2008 Mr. Sack appeared on the Glenn Beck program on Headline News. In his role as “Public Viewer” Mr. Sack took Beck to task on a variety of subjects in a humorous manner. He briefly appeared on the Fox News incarnation of the program before becoming the “Czar-at-Large” for Beck’s Internet webcast. He was also a regular on Headline News’s “Not Just Another Cable News Show.”

As a voice talent Mr. Sack has appeared in numerous commercials and audiobooks as well as the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, which ironically was attacked by Beck for its violent content.

Mr. Sack and musician John Mayer collaborated on a comedy short titled The Paul Reddy Show. The half-hour comedy appears on Mayer’s Heavier Things DualDisc. Mr. Sack’s clueless Paul Reddy character was based on PBS mainstay Charlie Rose and peppers Mayer with outlandish and often absurd questions.

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“Liberals, conservatives, and anyone else with a passionate point of view all need to learn to laugh at themselves. The B.S. of A. could be a good start . . .”