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John Porcellino has been writing, drawing, and publishing minicomics, comics, and graphic novels in America for over 25 years. He is best known for his self-published, predominantly autobiographical minicomics series, King-Cat Comics, which he began as a teenager in 1989 and continues to produce today. Mr. Porcellino’s poetic representations of the everyday, his masterful storytelling, and his minimalist drawing style have won him critical acclaim and influenced a generation of alternative comics creators. According to cartoonist Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan and The Acme Novelty Library), “John Porcellino’s comics distill, in just a few lines and words, the feeling of simply being alive,” while TIME magazine has proclaimed that “Porcellino creates some of the most thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful comix in America.” Mr. Porcellino has struggled with chronic depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder for most of his life.

Paul Peterson has worked within the social work field for more than 20 years. His extensive background includes 12 years as Program Supervisor for the Children’s Aid Society, and 5 years as Case Manager for the organization Citizens Against Sexual Child Abuse. Mr. Peterson has been host and lead writer to a number of television projects including the “Kids in Care” Seminar Series, and Surviving Sexual Abuse. He is also a playwright whose plays include Promise You Won’t Laugh? Mr. Peterson had the initial desire to create a traditional documentary surrounding suicide over 10 years ago, after witnessing firsthand the devastating impact of suicide on a family.

Jason Gilmore is a Toronto-based filmmaker, illustrator, and graphic designer. Graduating from the Film Studies program at Queen’s University in 2003, Mr. Gilmore founded Urgency Company, an independent post-production/design boutique. He has worked on a wide array of projects, including music videos, trailers, documentary projects, T-shirt, poster, and DVD package design. Most recently, Mr. Gilmore was the filmmaker and designer for Kenk: A Graphic Portrait.

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“The Next Day is a creative and worthy undertaking, a unique and powerful discussion of an issue that is at once growing in pervasiveness and intensely tragic and troubling.”