You Loves Ewe! (A Yam and Donkey Book)

Image of You Loves Ewe! (A Yam and Donkey Book)
Release Date: 
November 26, 2019
Clarion Group
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“hilarious wordplay . . .”

The delightful characters of Yam and Donkey return for more hilarious wordplay in You Loves Ewe.

Dense Donkey is confused when Yam introduces him to Ewe (how can he meet himself, after all?), then goes on to say how much Yam loves Ewe. Which Donkey, of course, takes as a declaration of love for himself. Predictable confusion follows, with plenty of funny puns. The art, bold and brightly colored, is a perfect match for the word confusion that continues to grow with each page turn.

Cece Bell knows precisely how to appeal to kids and their sense of logic. Yam ends up explaining the nature of homonyms in a long sequence of confusing words. “Donkey, there are lots of words that sound the same, but mean something different.” A growing list (doe/dough, moose/mousse) introduces new characters to the plot, including a ram who falls in love with Ewe.

The book ends with Ewe declaring her own misuse of homonyms, as love conquers all. Parents will love to read this book, and kids will clamor to hear it. But not at bedtime— everyone will be laughing too much to want to go to sleep.