New World: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Image of New World: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Release Date: 
March 20, 2017
Iron Circus Comics
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New World: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy is a refreshing grouping of 24 science fiction and fantasy stories by some of the best indie and established comic book creators in the business. Tales ranging from classic scifi and fantasy tropes to full-on satirical takes on those tropes help keep the anthology fresh and interesting. In a world dominated by the Big Three comic book publishers, it is great to see a small publisher like Iron Circus giving voice to so many talented artists/writers.

That's not to say that the anthology is free of flaws. It is obvious that some of the creators are better illustrators than writers and vice versa. Some of the art can be a bit sparse, more akin to the zines of the 1990s than today's comic book standards. Same can be said for the writing where the stories are obviously only vehicles for the illustrations. Yet quality can be found in all.

An example of where both strong storytelling and sharp artistry together in the opening story "The Quiet World" by Evan Dahm. The illustrations are striking from the start and the story doesn't try to be something it’s not. Short on dialogue, the story is told by the expert layout of the panels, and Dahm's ability to convey deep emotion with his artistry and the details of the characters' features. A perfect blend of art to story and a perfect way to launch the anthology.

With 24 stories to choose from as told by those established within and without the comic book industry, it would be hard for a reader not to find a favorite. From horror to humor, dystopia to utopia, saccharin to satire, New World features some amazing talent and enough artistic variation to please graphic novel fans as well as fans of science fiction and fantasy prose. A must have for any serious collector of scifi/fantasy anthologies.