The Very Very Very Long Dog

Image of The Very Very Very Long Dog
Release Date: 
November 30, 2017
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
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The Very Very Very Long Dog is a Harry the Dirty Dog meets Captain Underpants picture book that will appeal to dog lovers and readers who enjoy a good laugh about butts and bottoms.

Bartelby is a very very special dog with a long body like a sausage. He’s a friendly, happy dog who lives in a bookstore, loves to read books, and has lots of friends who take him on morning walks.

The problem is Bartelby is so long he isn’t always sure where his bottom is. His bottom knocks things down and causes calamity wherever he goes until one day his bottom causes such a mess even his friends can’t clean it up.

When Bartelby realizes he’s the culprit of all the chaos around him, he runs home to the bookstore and vows he will never leave it again. Bartelby’s friends are heartbroken to see him so sad so they rummage through the books looking for a possible solution. When they come up with a plan, Bartelby never has to worry where his bottom is and continues his morning walk with friends.

The illustrations are playful and kidlike. They capture the chaos Bartelby creates wherever he goes and will surely bring laughter, the kind that comes from deep in the belly. Bartelby’s world resembles a melting pot of characters and is one in which kids from all kinds of backgrounds might find a little piece of themselves.

Bartelby’s is a story of friendship, of the kind of friends who accept each other for the good and bad and don’t run away at the first sign of a problem.