A Very Scary Valentine's Day: Scooby-Doo Reader, No. 29 (Level 2)

Image of A Very Scary Valentine's Day: Scooby-Doo Reader, No. 29 (Level 2)
Release Date: 
October 6, 2018
Scholastic Inc.
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True to all Scooby-Doo mysteries, A Very Scary Valentine’s Day follows a pattern similar to the other books in the series. This addition concentrates on the fact that misunderstandings sometimes happen—especially with Scooby and his gang.

Scooby and Shaggy are staying after school to work on their Valentine’s Day cards. When they are finished they go in search of the rest of their team. The hallways of the school appear desolate and scary when no one is about. Thinking that their team is in the gym, they try that room first, but are met with a surprise.

When they open the door, a mysterious fog consumes the air. Feeling uneasy, they try to calm themselves, hoping that something fishy isn’t going on—then it happens. Their fears come to fruition when they see a spooky form coming toward them wrapped in tape. It chases them across the gym. Thinking it is a zombie out to get them, the pair bolt from the room and out into the hallway. But instead of finding relief, there is another zombie chasing them. No matter what room they go in to hide, another zombie seems to appear.

Following their stomachs, as always, Scooby and Shaggy head for the cafeteria where they find Velma and Daphne. When the girls turn around their faces are covered in red punch and a chase ensues. Could they be zombies, too?

Children between the ages of 4–8 will delight in book #29. A Very Scary Valentine’s Day is filled with enough suspense to keep them engaged, and the ending proves satisfying. This book is a Level 2 reader with 692 words, and is within reach for readers who have progressed beyond sounding out words and are ready for more of a challenge.