Storming the Castle: An Original Short Story with Bonus Content (Fairy Tales)

Image of Storming the Castle: An Original Short Story with Bonus Content (Fairy Tales)
Release Date: 
December 20, 2010
Harper Collins
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Dear Eloisa, Thank you so very much for the perfect Christmas gift! It was the perfect size (94 pages) to provide a much needed respite during the busy holiday season.


As you know, a fairytale love story is the ideal gift for romance readers and Storming the Castle was a fairytale love story supreme!



Sincerely, . . .



Actually, every romance reader lucky enough to download and read this ebook during the holiday season will want to write Eloisa James a thank-you note: Storming the Castle is a perfect gift for the talented author to present to her readers.



Wick is the half-brother to Prince Gabriel, hero of A Kiss at Midnight. The illegitimate Wick chose to work as Gabriel’s butler, although Gabriel and his princess, Kate, treat him in no way like a servant.



Phillipa is a strong-minded woman engaged to a local dandy. As the wedding nears, she decides she absolutely cannot marry this guy. So when she hears that the Prince and Princess are in desperate need of medical assistance for their baby, she escapes to the castle posing as a nursemaid. (Fortunately, she is qualified.)



She does help young Prince Jonas—and falls in love with his namesake uncle (Wick).



Of course Wick thinks their love is doomed: How can an illegitimate royal, working as a butler, marry a lady? Phillipa thinks it’s as easy as saying, “I do.” Wick disagrees and doesn’t want to dishonor the woman he loves.



The beauty of this story (besides the fact that it reflects the wonderful talent of the clever and gifted James) is that it’s just a delightful fairytale in a condensed version. Often, writers struggle to write charming stories in less than 100 pages. But James masters that with Storming the Castle.



And the ending . . . suffice it to say, it does any fairytale proud. This short story flows well and reads smoothly.



Another bonus aspect of Storming the Castle is the reappearance of Gabriel and Kate. While they’re struggling with a colicky baby, it’s still nice to see their continued devotion to each other.



So again thank you, Eloisa James, for the perfect Christmas gift.