Sexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback

Image of Sexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback
Release Date: 
April 12, 2022
Bloomsbury Publishing
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“This is a story about the choice between feminism and fascism.”

This is the first sentence in the Introduction and, to get the gist of this book, read the 29 pages that follow. The Introduction is the book in a nutshell. Then, move on to something else because there is little of substance in the rest of this book.

The title is great but misleading because it does not reflect what readers will find between the pages.

There is little evidence the author had a grasp on what she was trying to accomplish. The book lacks focus and is sophomoric in its approach to the subject. The text is repetitous and this allows for additional pages but fails to add any additional substance.

It is difficult to uncover the purpose for this book. Why did the author write it? Why did the publisher believe it was worth publishing?

The author mixes the experiences of women and queer people but fails or refuses to recognize that those experiences are different in many ways. It is difficult to ascertain whether the author understands or appreciates the complexities involved.

There is nothing new in this book. It is a superficial recitation of experiences, and those are often the author’s personal anecdotes, that have been written about for ages. There is no thread holding the narrative together. Even worse, the author pontificates, but offers nothing of substance in how things might change or improve.

There are tidbits within the text that could have been the foundation of an insightful discussion and made the book more interesting and thought-provoking. As it is, the book leaves the reader with a sense of ennui. It’s a yawner.

Constantly checking to see how many pages are left until the chapter ends does not bode well for any book. And this is one that should remain on the bookseller’s bookshelf. It is not worth a reader’s time or money.