Scent of Darkness: A Novel

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January 29, 2013
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“Scent of Darkness is thoroughly engrossing.”

“I held the vial in my hand and glazed at its ruby red color so full of the promise of change. With the stopper removed a mist rose up so fast it was as if it had been pressing up against the tiny glass waiting forever to be released. The mist had a strange scent, dual in nature. If I had to say, it was dark like death by fire and very light, like sunshine and freedom.”

Such profound thoughts are deeply explored by the protagonist Evangeline (aka Eva) in Scent of Darkness. She becomes an unwitting partner in a mysterious web of secrets with her revered Grandmother Louise.

Critical to the story is that Louise is “an aromata, a master in the creation of scent.” She reminds Eva, “Those who make perfume consider themselves magicians of the highest order. They believe the scents they make possess the power to turn hate into love and neutrality into desire.”

While staying in the mysterious stone house with an iron gate and long hallways belonging to Louise, Eva begins sensing the energy of alchemy in this abode. Although Louise’s physical body begins to fail her and she passes away, the power and influence over Eva’s thoughts last forever.

After Louise’s death, Eva nervously releases the powerful scent in a hidden vial carefully concocted by Louise. Eva constantly hears her grandmother’s voice describing the power of a perfume to induce outcomes in our lives. Throughout her life, she often recalls her grandmother’s wisdom and lessons about both the dark and light nature of people and the synchronicity of events in the universe.

One of Louise’s strongest beliefs was that “change can be sudden or slow, like a dream” and “in the battle between holding on and letting go, change will win every time.” This lesson will be a difficult one for Eva to truly absorb and will cause her much anguish along her fascinating journey.

Eva is completely powerless over the all-consuming influence this odiferous potion has on anyone that comes in contact with her. Anyone in her vicinity is immediately attracted to her. And she has important choices to make as to what type of person she will, in turn, be attracted to.

There is one man who loves her deeply. He is also gentle and kind. The second man to appear in her life is greedy with the darkest of motives—yet he is also compelling.

Which path will Eva choose and with what outcome? Will the powerful scent be used for evil or good?

To answer this question would be to give away the twists and turns in Scent of Darkness—and that would certainly be unfair, for Scent of Darkness is thoroughly engrossing.