Pobble's Way

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October 20, 2018
Flashlight Press
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Pobble’s Way is a picture book about a young girl named Pobble and her father as they go on an adventure through the woods in the wintertime.

On their walk, the pair come across many wondrous things. The father spies a leaf floating peacefully in the water. By using their imaginations they turn it into a butterfly raft taking the butterfly anywhere it wishes to go.

As their walk continues, they see nature at its best, twisting what is real and bringing it to life, laughing and having fun all the while.

As Pobble’s father hoists Pobble onto his shoulders, a soft pink mitten falls from her pocket onto the ground. It is then that many woodland creatures come upon the mitten wondering what it could be. Could it be a carrot carrier? What about cotton candy? Maybe a mouse’s house? When Pobble returns to pick up her mitten, she has her own take on what it could be.

This is a wonderful bedtime tale that fathers especially will love to read to their children. The inventive naming games throughout the story will encourage children to look around them and to use their own imaginations on their next outdoor adventure.

The illustrations in this hardcover, 32-page book, are charming and detailed, giving the reader a warm, realistic feeling that complements the narrative.

Overall, this is a fantastic story children will be able to relax to before going to bed. Peaceful dreaming . . .