Paris in Stride: An Insider's Walking Guide

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April 2, 2018
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It is hard to go wrong in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Paris in Stride: An Insiders Walking Guide is an attractively illustrated and easy to follow guided stroll to all of the important locations within the City of Light.

Jessie Kanelos Weiner is an American illustrator, author, and food stylist based in Paris. She creates watercolor imagery for many international companies and her illustrations have appeared in numerous publications. She is the author of several books that include Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables (2016) and pens a popular blog about her life called Sarah Moroz is a Paris-based journalist, writer, and translator. This is her first foray into published travel writing. 

“Paris is a ceaselessly mythologized city. Many wistfully extoll the beauty, the history, the architecture, and the gastronomy of the French capital; it is only natural that visitors come with the ambitious aim of extracting the very best of its sights and tastes.”

Divided into ten compact and comprehensive walking tours, the authors have woven the “must see” locations with a plethora of quirky and lessor known destinations. Each section has a map and key with carefully selected locations with tiny descriptions. The authors encourage “an adventurous approach” to seeing the city. The reader can follow their preplanned walks or explore the city indiscriminately.

Paris in Stride is intended to be helpful both in terms of cultural decoding and in terms of ease in circulation.”

This useful and handy guide transports the reader to the Paris that only locals know. With unique and compelling narratives on culture and history, the authors have created an authentic glimpse into Parisian life. The attention to detail, originality, conciseness, and readability will most certainly delight the casual and veteran traveler.