Noisy Nature: In the Jungle

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December 23, 2014
Silver Dolphin
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Children who already love pop up books will find this one with sounds even more delightful.”

Noisy Nature: In the Jungle from acclaimed illustrator Maurice Pledger and author Ruth Martin features five 3-D pop-up scenes enhanced with real sounds that let young adventurers see and hear the creatures that live in the depths of the jungle.

Maurice Pledger’s spectacular artwork is brought to life with authentic animal sounds and panoramas that include a giant elephant using his trunk to blow a trumpeting sound, a chatty parrot letting out a noisy squawk, a hairy orangutan swinging high in the trees and calling out ooh-ooh, a hungry frog diving into the pond and croaking, and a sneaky tiger growling at her prey.

This book is a part of an animal sound series. Other books have topics such as sounds of the desert, sounds of the oceans, sounds of the safari, and more. The content of these books are similar to this one. The series is designed with many similarities, yet each book is unique and fun in their own special ways.

Young children ages three and up are going to appreciate this hardcover 12-page book. Animal lovers young and old will like each scene as the illustrations highlight myriad animals big and small. They cover the top and bottom of the pages. Children will be able to point out and name each organism they see. The biggest picture on the top pages are the ones the sounds relate to.

The illustrations are lively and colorful. The text is simple as it talks about each main animal and its sound. Children who already love pop up books will find this one with sounds even more delightful.