Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas: Earth's Astonishing Animals and Where They Live (National Geographic Kids)

Image of Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas: Earth's Astonishing Animals and Where They Live (National Geographic Kids)
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September 27, 2010
National Geographic Children's Books
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Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas: Earth’s Astonishing Animals and Where They Live is a perfect tool to introduce young readers to the amazing animals across the globe. Readers learn about various continents and regions where certain animals live. The book incorporates fact-filled essays that encourage readers to discover more. The maps are big, bright, and easy to read and are custom designed for young readers, introducing them to the physical features of each continent. Animal icons show where animals live on land, also providing information about their habitats, diets, survival skills, and more.

This atlas is truly unique in design using maps and photographs to complement each other, creating a reference book that will capture kids’ natural curiosity. Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas creates a fun-filled learning experience.

The book is 13.7 inches tall, which is perfect for use in a classroom. The details are vivid, with the text, pictures, and maps well defined. The Table of Contents breaks up information by continents as well as where animals live, provides a look at their ecosystems, and has a spotlight on a specific animal for discussion. Pictures of each ecosystem are provided. Included with each map are map keys, animal icons, and a breakdown of ecosystems on the continent. This book is great for learning about geography, endangered species, habitats, continents, map reading and more.

Fans of other National Geographic books will soon count this book among their favorites. It combines a plethora of information and beautiful pictures that will create a passion in children for animals and the worlds they live in. Children between the ages of 4–8 will enjoy this 64-page hardcover picture book.