My Dad, My Hero

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March 31, 2011
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
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My Dad My Hero, a 32-page picture book, examines how special fathers are in a child’s life.

My Dad My Hero begins with a boy who looks at his father flexing his muscles in a mirror, thinking how much his father is not like a superhero: He is quite ordinary—the exact opposite of a superhero.

A superhero can leap buildings in a single bound, but the boy’s dad trips over toy blocks on the floor.

A superhero has immense strength, but the boy’s dad lets Mom open a jar of pickles.

Added to the facts that the dad has no force field and cannot fly, to make matters worse, he falls off things all the time.

So how can an average dad save the world when simple chores reveal a multitude of imperfections?

He can’t. But what he can do is spend time with his son playing games together, watching TV, and just sharing quality time. And though Dad is not a superhero, he is a hero to the only one who really matters—his son.

My Dad My Hero is a nicely illustrated tale that speaks volumes about the bond between a dad and his son. Though we can all look at our dads and see their flaws, we can also see past those flaws to the wonderful men inside.

This is a great story that will be perfect as a gift for any dad or son. The author, Ethan Long, is the creator of “Tasty Time With ZeFronk,” currently airing on Playhouse Disney. His sense of humor is reflected in his illustrations as much as it is in his words.

Releasing just in time for Father’s Day, My Dad My Hero will be savored by children ages 4–8—and their dads.