Marsha Is Magnetic

Image of Marsha Is Magnetic
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January 26, 2021
HMH Books for Young Readers
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Marsha Is Magnetic by New York Times bestselling author Beth Ferry, of the delightful Stick and Stone fame, is a fun and lively addition to any STEM library. Lorena Alvarez’s beautiful illustrations hop from page to page in electric colors.

It’s birthday party time, well, at least it will be on October 6, according to the illustrated calendar on the book’s second page. Marsha’s birthdate is circled, and Mom is super-charged to make it a wonderful day for her little cutie. But dear, sweet, and scientifically minded Marsha, isn’t quite as excited. Because Marsha sees a problem. A big problem.

The invitations!

Her problem leads to only one solution, the Scientific Method, of course. Surely if she follows the six steps that every good scientist follows, she will reach a concise conclusion:

Observe, Question, Hypothesize, Test, Analyze, and Conclude.

Easy, right?

Not so much, especially when Marsha doesn’t even know who to invite to her party! But effervescent Marsha faithfully plugs in to the scientific method, and step by step, she discovers her answers, along with a lovely truth about herself. 

Get ready to cheer on be-speckled Marsha as she takes the reader along on her scientific journey, which hilariously plays out at school.

Marsha Is Magnetic contains a bunch of fun word-play that will entice readers back into the book, in search of all those magnetically charged words.