Maisy at Work

Image of Maisy at Work: A First Words Book
Release Date: 
July 19, 2022
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“bright and appealing . . . a perfect introduction into the wonders that books can offer.”

In the newest additions to Lucy Cousin’s board book series, Maisy the Mouse takes young readers around town and different places to work in Maisy at Work and Maisy’s Town. The concept is simple and clear in each book, the art bright and appealing with clear black outlines. Each object is easy to point at and name, inviting young readers to identify familiar things and learn the words for new ones.

Maisy’s Town starts with “Getting Ready” opposite a page of all the items one might need before leaving the house: coat, keys, tissues, bag, sunglasses, etc. Each page shows a different place to go, from library to post office to cafe. The tab that sticks out hints at where Maisy will go next, with scissors suggesting salon, shopping basket indicating supermarket. Little hands will have fun turning these pages and listing all the brightly colored items on each page.

Maisy at Work shows young readers a different range of places they can go to do different jobs, from playing field to art studio. Once again, the tabs suggest the topic, from hammer for building site to hose for fire station. The jobs range from the familiar—at a restaurant—to exotic—on a space station.

Perfectly sized for small hands, these books will delight their intended audience. Children can make up their own stories about what is happening on each page or simply enjoy identifying all the many things that are illustrated. Maisy’s world offers a perfect introduction into the wonders that books can offer.