Magic Cakes: Three Cakes in One: One Mixture, One Bake, Three Delicious Layers

Image of Magic Cakes: Three cakes in one: one mixture, one bake, three delicious layers
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March 7, 2016
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“bakers of all ages will enjoy this 72-page dessert extravaganza . . .”

Magic Cakes is a simply delightful way to make three cakes with just one cake batter. A magic cake is very different than other cakes. The three layers are unique in texture and taste. One layer is dense and moist. Another layer has a delicate cream filling that tastes like pudding, while the third layer is light and spongy. The secret in all this is not some magical enchantment but the separation of egg whites at low cooking temperatures.

There are around 30 recipes from classical cakes to cupcakes, cheesecakes, quiches, and much more. The ingredients to each recipe are simple with less than 10 ingredients per recipe.

The measurements are laid out in two different ways: in grams and in ounces. This might need a little bit of getting used to depending on which country one lives. Some recipes are meant to be baked in smaller baking dishes, especially some of the cakes.

The egg whites are definitely key in these recipes. If your whites are not whipped well enough it will taste accordingly in the final product. Some of the ingredients can be modified that are more familiar to certain countries.

Though these recipes are simple in nature it does take time to have them turn out right. But don’t fret, the author gives the reader every tip needed for success, the baker just needs to be patient with the process.

Illustrations on every page help the baker with what the final outcome of the dessert should look like.

This is a great guide. Overall, bakers of all ages will enjoy this 72-page dessert extravaganza and the challenge to make these flavorful yet simple recipes.