Kitty and Cat: Opposites Attract

Image of Kitty and Cat: Opposites Attract
Release Date: 
April 4, 2023
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"Picture book magic at its best . . ."


With bright illustrations and simple words, Hokkanen uses concepts to tell the story of a growing friendship. Kitty and Cat start out as opposites who have nothing in common. In fact, they compete, as Kitty gets "Many" while Cat gets "Few." Through carefully chosen words and vibrant art, the story slowly shifts. Cat starts out "Grumpy" about Kitty, but the two end up "Together" rather than "Apart."

Since the words are few and the art is emotionally clear, younger readers will enjoy telling this story themselves. They will delight in Kitty's mischief and find Cat's crankiness amusing as well. While the ending may be predictable, the journey to get there is thoroughly worthwhile.

Opposites Attract is a wonderful example of visual storytelling. The book may be teaching concepts, but it's most important offering is simply as a satisfying story with endearing characters. This is picture book magic at its best, the kind of book that readers will savor over and over again, getting something new out of it each time.